Looking for Fun in Israel During Pesach?

April 3, 2012  

The Passover holiday is a time to not only remember and recount the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, but to also take full advantage of the fun and educational opportunities in Israel during Chol Hamoed, now that we have left the bondage of slavery.

Mini Israel, located in Latrun, is going to be hosting a variety of programming and events during the holiday vacation, April 7-14.  The park’s main attraction, “Israel’s biggest Matzah,” features a kosher Matzah, approximately 6 meters long one meter high, weighing about 6 kilograms.

The park’s “Haggada in the air,” an exciting show, performed by circus artists, acrobats, and actors from Israel and from around the world, recounts the Jewish people’s journey to freedom.  In addition, the “Mini Exodus,” and “Mini Seder” will enable children to further enjoy their vacation time, as they read from mini Haggadas and sing holiday songs. 

Also located in Jerusalem, the Ice Festival, which began in early March, will continue to take place during the holiday and is set to be a major attraction.

The Ahava Dead Sea Music Festival, one of Israel’s leading rock festivals, will include some of Israel’s biggest names in music, is schedule to take place between April 7-11.

The vacation is also a time to reconnect with nature. Take a jeep tour in the Negev, Galilee, or Judean Deserts. Tours last from two hours to a whole day, and are fun, memorable and educational. 

Museum-goers will particularly enjoy this time of year, as Israeli museums throughout the country are offering free access to the public. 

For those in northern Israel, Haifa’s International Flower Exhibition in Haifa, taking place from April 7-14, may provide an interesting pastime, featuring a special exhibit including over 100,000 flowers from around the world.

Whether you live in the north, south, or center of the country, chances are, you won’t be bored!  

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