London ‘Muslim Patrol’ Threatened to Kill ‘Infidels’

November 12, 2013  

Three Muslim converts in London pleaded guilty on Monday to charges of confiscating alcohol, attacking and threatening to stab non-Muslims in attempts to impose Islamic Sharia law on the UK capital.

The men were part of a group of Islamist vigilantes, self-styled as “Muslim Patrols.” The Daily Beast reports that they pleaded guilty on several charges of physical assault and death threats, all while refusing instructions to stand in court.

The three consist of Muslim converts Ricardo McFarlane, 26; red-haired Jordan Horner, 19; and a 23 year old who cannot be named for legal reasons. All three have past criminal records for offenses ranging from theft, criminal damage and assault.

Judge Rebecca Poulet announced the court would sentence all three together on December 6. If found guilty they face jail time; as The Telegraph notes, Judge Poulet ruled that “the court does consider this passes the custody threshold. That option will be open.”

Their violent imposition of Sharia law occurred in East London, in areas where the 2012 Olympic Games were hosted.

The incident comes as UK security agencies continue to remain on high alert amid ongoing threats of Islamic terrorism. In October Andrew Parker, the head of the British intelligence Agency MI5, warned that thousands of Muslim extremists are living in the UK and see the general public as a legitimate target.

Such concerns have been confirmed only too well in the past. In May, off-duty soldier Drummer Lee Rigby was gruesomely beheaded in London by two Islamist converts.

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