Livni: Netanyahu to Blame for ICC Probe

January 18, 2015  

In her latest interview, Tzipi Livni once again blamed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the Palestinian Authority’s request to join the International Criminal Court. 

That request resulted not only in the PA formally joining the international body, but also prompted a preliminary probe into possible war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians, which was announced Friday. 

Speaking Sunday morning on Nissim Mishal’s Radio Non-Stop program, the Hatnua Chairwoman, now running with the Labor party, argued the move could have been avoided. 

“The Hague court’s decision, and the Palestinians decision to go there is bad, problematic, and threatens the security of Israel. But the writing was on the wall; we could have prevented it,” Livni said. 

“During Operation Protective Edge, I initiated a draft resolution for the United Nations. The Americans supported it and put it on the table to be discussed,” the former Justice Minister continued. 

“Israel today could have been a place where the whole world agrees on the demilitarization of Hamas in Gaza and opposes unilateral steps [to a resolution of the conflict], including the Hague.” 

Livni claims Netanyahu could have cooperated and avoided the current situation, but did not do so because all his decisions made during the operation had future political considerations behind them. 

“Bibi’s concerns – the political ones by the way, and not in any way related to security – prevented this and here we are.” 

Livni’s statements seem like a direct echo of those she made at a cultural event last Saturday, when she slammed Netanyahu for not mobilizing the rest of the world to stand with Israel through a return to negotiations and an international coalition against Hamas. 

“This opportunity was missed because Netanyahu hesitated and stuttered. The result is that today we are facing attacks – the UN resolution against Israel and the PA joining the International Criminal Court to bring claims against the IDF.” 

“We could have prevented it,” she stated. 

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