Livni in 2009: Syria Peace Means Ceding Land

February 2, 2015  

BLITZER: Would you be willing to give up the Golan Heights to reach a peace treaty with Syria?

LIVNI: Syria now, this is now not even the beginning of direct peace talks between Israel and Syria. But, this is indirect talks in order to find out whether this is possible.

And it’s important for the Syrians to understand that peace in the region doesn’t mean only embassies or getting territory from Israel. But, it means that they need to change their destructive hold in the region.


BLITZER: Excuse me for interrupting. But, if they were willing to do that, to reach out and to make full peace with Israel along the lines of Egypt and Jordan, would you be willing to give up the Golan Heights?

LIVNI: Wolf, my habit is not to negotiate with interviewers in Israel, or elsewhere.

The idea of peace means of course, territorial concessions. But, it is more important to understand that peace means that Syria should stop now their transfer of weapons from Syria, to Lebanon, to Hezbollah. The support of Syria of terrorist organization including headquarters of Hamas in Syria. Their connections with Iran doesn’t help.

So, since this is a point in which we need to find out whether Syria is serious in terms of peace, the most important thing right now, is put all of this on the table, not only by Israel, but the entire international community and ask Syria whether they want peace negotiation just to get legitimacy from the international community. Or, are they serious enough and in order to show that they’re serious enough, they need to stop what they are doing right now, you know, in supporting all these terrorist activities in the region.

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