Listen: Religious star shines in last single of debut album

May 30, 2016  

Religious star Hanan Ben-Ari has sealed his fame gaining heavy rotation on Israeli radio with a variety of hit singles that are as skillfully crafted as they are diverse in their styles – now he has released a new instant classic to join the list.

“Lama,” which was written and composed by the young virtuoso, is the fifth and final single from his stellar debut album “Izun” that recently was released following a massively successful crowdfunding campaign online, which recruited well over 100,000 shekels.

The song features a catchy tune around the chorus “why should we chase our own tails?,” lamenting the rat race that modern life too often becomes.

Ben-Ari released his latest single ahead of his upcoming summer tour that is to see him perform nationwide as he solidifies himself as a household name. 

The producers of “Lama” relate that it has already become a hit in Ben-Ari’s shows, with the audience requesting it on a steady basis.

“This is an upbeat and catchy song, with a text that mixes protest, pain and hope in the unique style of Hanan,” said the producers.

Ben-Ari shot to fame with his debut single “Mimecha Ad Elay” (From You to Myself), as well as “Mother,” a soulful ballad on the expulsion from Gush Katif, and the album’s title song “Izun” (Balance).

The last single he released was “Hachaim Shelanu Tutim” (Our Lives are Strawberries), which came out in January.

In time for Israeli Memorial Day, Ben-Ari released a soulful instrumental version of his highly emotional song “Nigun Haneshamot” (Melody of the Souls), which he wrote and composed during the Second Lebanon War. 

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