Lisa Kudrow Tells Conan About Son’s Bar Mitzvah At Mall

May 19, 2014  

Lisa Kudrow’s son recently had a unique bar mitzvah experience, and the former “Friends” star was nice enough to share the humorous tale with Conan O’Brien.

Kudrow’s 16-year-old son was innocently shopping for a video game at his local mall when he was approached by a Chabad group and asked if he was Jewish. What resulted was an impromptu, but totally halachic, bar mitzvah ceremony, complete with photo evidence for the proud mom.

Kudrow broke down the details on “Conan,” and fortunately, you can watch for yourself above. Seems the actress has still got a talent for spinning a comedic yarn. Enjoy!

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  1. By IsraeliGirl143, May 20, 2014

    I love Lisa Kudrow, ever since Michelle and Romys High School Reunion!


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