Likud: No One Offered Lapid the Foreign Ministry

May 31, 2015  

The Likud party on Saturday night once again denied that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had offered the Foreign Ministry to Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid.

Lapid, speaking earlier to Channel 2 News, confirmed a report from Thursday which cited “political sources” who said that Lapid had been offered the Foreign Ministry.

“Sources close to the prime minister offered me to be foreign minister,” Lapid revealed. “There’s no way that I would enter this government. Likud can deny it (the offer – ed.) until tomorrow morning.”

According to Lapid, Netanyahu’s people contacted MK Meir Cohen and asked that his party join the government.

“We told them ‘no way.’ We need to prepare the groundwork for the next government,” said Lapid. Criticizing the government, he added, “they took the Foreign Ministry and divvied it up to six different ministers, and later they’re shocked we have a problem with foreign relations.”

Responding to Lapid’s comments, the Likud said that “no official made an offer to Lapid on behalf of the Prime Minister.”

“Moreover,” the party added, “Netanyahu met recently with Lapid and the subject never came up during their meeting.”

The Likud similarly denied Thursday’s report about the offer, saying “it never happened”.

Lapid has remained particularly vocal against the Netanyahu government since the March elections, threatening legal action over the expansion of the Cabinet and issuing a no-confidence motion shortly after the government was formed. 

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