Likud ministers tussle over ‘reforming’ Army Radio

November 5, 2015  

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev went on the warpath Thursday after Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon blocked her from making changes to Army Radio’s popular music station Galgalatz. 

According to a Yedioth Ahronoth report Wednesday, Ya’alon instructed Army Radio commander Yaron Dekel to stop meeting with Regev over her efforts to include more Israeli, particularly Mizrahi, music on the station. 

“No one will interfere with Army Radio‘s playlist,” Ya’alon was quoted as saying in private conversations. “I don’t interfere with it, and no one else will interfere with it.”

Undeterred, Regev attacked the Defense Minister accusing him of “forgetting that the IDF is the people’s army and Army Radio needs to express the voices of all members of society.”

“Galgalatz is an elitist station, it’s no secret,” Regev added. “Even the IDF Chief of Staff said it should close, and it certainly doesn’t need to be a military station.”

“The Defense Minister is inattentive and insensitive to the public, and the voices coming from it,” she claimed. “His words gave support to Yaron Dekel and Galgalatz to continue broadcasting a playlist that represents one stream in Israeli society and lets culture be blocked.”

“I intend to instigate a public struggle in the Knesset,” Regev vowed. “Let the Army Radio commander and the makers of the playlist come before the Knesset.”

An associate of Ya’alon’s dismissed Regev: “Let her carry out her political rounds on someone else, not us. She can scream until tomorrow, but the Minister will not intervene in what goes on in Army Radio.”

“She gave her opinion to the station’s commander, and with that the party was over. Let her look for headlines somewhere else.”

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