Lieberman Tours Gaza Belt, Bemoans 2005 ‘Historic Mistake’

January 12, 2012  

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman toured the Gaza Belt Thursday along with ministers and Knesset Members from Yisrael Beitenu. They visited Ein HaBsor, Shlomit, Avshalom, and Naveh, where families evicted from Gush Katif reside.

They also visited Kissufim Base and received a security briefing.

“When one sees the community of Naveh, which was built in two years on barren sands, one is heartened,” Lieberman said. “This community is a proper Zionist response to the historic mistake made in the Disengagement when the government of Israel tore down 21 flourishing communities with no agreement, in return for nothing at first – and later, in return for missile attacks and terror.”

Lieberman said that the communities proved that the spirit of Zionism was still alive.

The Chairman of the Settlement Department in the Zionist Federation, Danny Krichman, said that the Eshkol communities could take in thousands of families, and provide a proper solution for the housing crisis in central Israel.

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