Liberman and Likud party trade insults as attacks mount

January 18, 2016  

Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday while at the scene of the earlier stabbing attack in the Gush Etzion community of Tekoa. 

“There is no acting prime minister in Israel and that’s why there is terrorism and Jews are killed every day,” Liberman blasted, before urging the Yesha Council to demand more action against terror. 

The Likud party responded to Liberman by accusing him of being partner to opposition chairman Yitzhak (Buji) Herzog’s “smear campaign” against Netanyahu. 

“At a time when Prime Minister Netanyahu is leading a determined struggle against terror through the taking of unprecedented steps and giving full backing to the security forces, Liberman and Buji are engaged in cheap politics with their quick attempts to take advantage of terror attacks and gain votes.” 

“Liberman and Buji are cleansing Abbas and the Palestinian Authority from any responsibility for terrorism,” the Likud slammed. “Thus not only is there barbarism not useful, it is also harmful.”

“The Prime Minister, the IDF, the police and the Shin Bet are working everywhere and always for the security of Israeli citizens,” it added. “Those who do not contribute to the effort should at least not hurt it further.”

Earlier on Monday, Herzog accused Netanyahu of “capitulating” to the extreme right in his refusal to negotiate for a two-state solution and asserted his “bombastic” words would do nothing to stop Arab terror in Israel. 

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