LGBTs Crash Another Jewish Home Event, Violence Erupts

February 19, 2015  

Leftist-LGBT activists burst into a Jewish Home elections conference Wednesday night at the International Convention Center in Haifa and a scuffle subsequently broke out. 

During Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett’s speech, one of the left-wingers raised the LGBT flag and a fight developed. One of the activists filmed the incident and uploaded it to her Facebook page. 

The activists allege that Jewish Home supporters on the scene attacked them once the flag was raised. 

Naama Lazimi, one of the activists told Haaretz, that her group had only wanted to ask questions and engage in dialogue with Jewish Home about the gaps in their ideologies. 

“As three of our friends were suspended from the event, even before the conference opened, we realized that they would not let us ask questions and we decided to express our message clearly,” she explained. 

“We did not think they would receive us with open arms, but we never imagined they would be violent against us and curse us. It just goes to show that despite all the slogans like ‘we are the home of everyone’ and ‘open to everyone,’ it’s really not true.” 

“We’re talking about the most sectoral party in Israel today,” Lazimi continued, “The religious-national-Ashkenazi-white-male and condescending sector.”

Jewish Home blamed the violence squarely on the activists, saying: “the Left has learned nothing from Rabin’s assassination and the incitement that is being carried out in their camp will have serious consequences, as Buji and Tzipi [Labor-Hatnua leaders Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni] remain silent.”

“We call on the leaders of leftist activists to denounce violence before it is too late, and left-wing violence causes irreparable damage.” 

“Regarding the media that refuses to refer to Jewish Home conferences being overrun by left-wing activists, we have no comment. We have no expectations,” the party concluded. 

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