Lethal IAF Air Strike Targeted Global Jihad Terrorists in Gaza

August 5, 2012  

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office has confirmed that a surgical air strike by the Israel Air Force early Sunday successfully eliminated at least two terrorists in a targeted terror cell in southern Gaza.

The strike, coordinated between the IAF and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) was aimed at an Al-Qaeda-linked Global Jihad terror cell located near the Gaza-Egyptian border town of Rafiah.

One of the targeted terrorists in the cell was 22-year-old Ahmad Sa’id Ismail of Tafah Gaza, active in the organization in Gaza and in the Sinai Peninsula, the IDF said in the statement. Ismail had taken part in the June 18 shooting on the Israeli-Egyptian border in which an Israeli citizen was murdered while working as a contractor for the Defense Ministry on the security fence along the southern border.

The terrorist was plotting another attack on Israeli targets in the area of the Sinai border, together with with 19-year-old Eid Nadi Uchal of Rafiah and other Global Jihad terrorists. Uchal was also killed in the attack.

An earlier report quoting local Palestinian Authority sources said at least one of the dead terrorists was a member of the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization.

It is not unusual for members of several terrorist organizations in Gaza to work together to plot attacks against Israelis. It is also expected the terrorists will respond to the attack with rocket fire, as they often do following an attack on terror installations.

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