Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Givot Olam in Samaria

June 15, 2015  

In Arutz Sheva’s latest installment on tourism to Judea and Samaria, author Karni Eldad provides an insight into the oasis on a hilltop that is Givot Olam, via an excerpt from her book Yesha is Fun.

Givaot Olam (Avri’s farm) agricultural farm, Itamar

“And of Joseph he said: Blessed of the Lord be his land; For the precious things of Heaven, for the dew, And for the precious things fruits of the sun, And for the precious things of the yield of the moons, And for the tops of the ancient mountains, And for the precious things of the everlasting hills, And for the precious things of the earth and the fullness thereof, And the good will of Him that dealt in the bush…” (Deuteronomy 33:13)

Imagine a farm: Straight out of the movies, with all the magic that is possible. Let your imagination lead you to infinity. Wild-haired shepherds, horse-riders galloping in the field, sheep in the pasture, free-range chickens. You have reached Givaot Olam.

In 1996 Avri Ran established his farm. Shortly thereafter his story turned into a success story. As opposed to the other outposts with a “hamlet” look (three dogs and a bachelor, broken bike, rusty wind-chimes, rocky soil, and lots of ideology) Avri’s farm is tip-top, spick and span – one can see that here there is a guiding hand.

This is “a father of this genre” site. Most people visiting the villages reach this farm, in order to see up close the hill-people in their natural habitat (by the way, it is forbidden to feed them). Avri, the founder of the place, is amongst the first of the founders of such thriving hills. If you had to choose one place to tour in Judea and Samaria, this farm has to be included in your trip.

The farm which is based and run on ecologically sound organic principles, grows eggs which are marketed by Tnuva as free-range eggs. They also have a wheatgrinding station for organic grains, and outstanding cheese products and yogurt from goats milk. The goats eat at the endless unsprayed green pastures. According to the Dairy Board these cheeses are among the finest products available in the Middle East.

Rumor has it that there is a grand piano in the goat-shed and this is played during the milking session. We checked, and the rumor is in fact true. Children can enjoy the grass and the animals and can play in the playground. Don’t miss the date yogurt!

In the farm grounds one can also see the creations of Asaf Kadron, a unique artist. He believes that the stones of the land of Israel have seen history and one can use them in order to connect us to our source. And so he creates. His amazing works combine stones, wood, water and glass and are truly inspirational. As opposed to museum art, here you can easily understand what the artist wanted to say. In fact, meaning hits you with all your senses.

East of Givaot Olam you can find “The Three Seas Lookout”. From here, you can see the Baltic Sea, the Red Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing.

Givaot Olam

Where: Just outside Itamar. After driving into Itamar turn left at the roundabout in the direction of the hills, go out of the gate of the village and drive east along the valley. 5 kilometers later turn right and follow the sign on the rock to this “givat olam”.

When: 8.00 – 17.00. If you book in advance you can come later.

Why: Don’t miss the piano in the Goat-Shed. This is something you have never seen before.

How much: Organic fruit yogurt 250 ml 8.50 NIS, 1 dozen eggs 23 NIS 1 kg whole-wheat flour 11 NIS

Kashrut: Badatz and under the organic supervision of Agrior

Disability access: Friendly Partially

Contact: 02- 9409310, Assaf Kadran – 052-8632220

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