Lebanon Uncovers Four Katyusha Rockets

December 19, 2011  

The Lebanese army discovered four Katyusha rockets ready for launch at Israel Monday, while government officials said they know who fired at Israel earlier this month.

The rockets were discovered on launching pads in southeast Lebanon, according to the Beirut Daily Star.

Terrorists in Lebanon fired four rockets on northern Israel in late November in the first missile attacks in two years, and another missile launched the following week misfired and landed in Lebanon, injuring one person.

Lebanese government officials have backed Hizbullah claims that its terrorists were not involved in the missile attacks, and Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn stated Monday, “We know who has been firing the rockets, who makes the explosives and who is jeopardizing security for the south and southerners, and to which party they belong to, whose aim is to destabilize Lebanon.” 

“We have reliable leads in our investigation but we will not disclose them to the public except when [the information is confirmed],” Ghosn told the As-Safir newspaper.

Terrorists also have set off bombs aimed at United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) troops, wounding several French and Italian soldiers.  

Ghosn’s comments on cooperation with Hizbullah provide further evidence of the merging of the terrorist army with Lebanese forces and the extent of  dominance in the country by pro-Syrian parties and Hizbullah’s political arm.

“The resistance [Hizbullah] has one fundamental goal and that is to resist Israel and it will remain within this framework and will not go beyond that to become part of some other formula,” he said.

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