Lebanese Navy Aiding IDF

April 11, 2012  

IDF naval forces are reportedly cooperating with their Lebanese counterparts to prevent foreign ships from approaching Israeli waters.

Naval officials say that Lebanon ahead of Land Day last month increased its naval patrols and barred ships from approaching Beirut’s defacto maritime boundary with Israel.

It was also reported Lebanon has assisted Israel in driving away fishing boats that approach Israeli waters with the result. Officials say, as a result, that “significantly fewer” such ships now approach Israeli waters.

Israel and Lebanon have no official ties, but the two nation’s militaries intermittently discuss security concerns and coordination through UNIFIL.

It is not clear whether UNIFIL is the “international body” through which Israel is relaying information to Lebanon about boats approaching its territory.

Jerusalem reportedly expects flotillas organized by anti-Israel activists to seek to violate its territorial waters in advance of May 15, which Israel’s Independence Day.

On that day, which Arabs in the region terms the “Nakba,” or catastrophe, large and often violent anti-Israel protests are traditionally staged.

In recent years, marches aimed at violating Israel’s sovereignty by breaching its borders have also become the norm.

Lebanon’s still-powerful opposition has brought intense power to bear on the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati to ensure security incidents do not occur on the Israeli frontier.

They charge the Hizbullah terror militias – which refuse to disarm and step aside for the army – have pursued an independent foreign policy in the name of ‘resistance’ against Israel that has resulted in unwanted and devastating wars with the Jewish state.


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