Latest Hezbollah ‘Discovery’

February 23, 2014  

Hezbollah-controlled Al-Manar television last week broadcast its latest “discovery” – that the Jews control Hollywood, and are using it to mind-control hapless Americans.

According to a series of reports broadcast on the station last week, American Jews invented Hollywood and the motion picture business because they felt persecuted in America. The purpose of the movie business was to change the minds of Americans, and propagandize them with messages portraying Jews as good.

An example, the report said, was Superman – the savior who comes to the aid of the world from outer space. As it happens, Superman was created by two Jewish illustrators – Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and while there has been speculation about alleged Jewish components of the story (such as the fact that Superman is an immigrant, as most American Jews were, and that his father’s name was Kal-El, which contains two Hebrew words), the two have never gone on record as confirming this.

Regardless, Al-Manar said, consuming and enjoying the “Jewish Hollywood culture was very dangerous.” The report featured comments by alleged international expert Professor Farroukh Majdi, who said that “the world must beware the penetration of Jewish culture, and fight against it. If you hurt someone in the heart, the effect is short-term, but if you hurt their mind, the results are for the long-term.”

Yaakov Hagoel, director of the World Zionist Organization’s Anti-Semitism monitoring unit, said that “anti-Semitism in the Arab world continues to take a prominent place in society. It is now 2014, but we are still getting the same messages that were distributed on the eve of the Second World War. Generations upon generations are being nurtured by this anti-Semitism, around the world in general and in Arab countries in particular. Many of us laugh when we see these kinds of reports, but the time has come to demand that it stop.

“We will not return to the hatred of the World War II era,” he said, adding “70 years after the Nazis, it is unacceptable that such anti-Semitic incitement can be allowed to  continue.”

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