Larry David’s Guide to Judaism

September 21, 2017  

Larry lives the ins and outs of Judaism. L’chaim! Don’t miss the Season 9 premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm on October 1 at 10 PM, only on HBO. Starring Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin and J.B. Smoove.

“Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David plays a version of himself on the improvised series. He faces a constant barrage of life’s little annoyances, which in David’s sometimes well-meaning but terminally fumbling hands don’t tend to stay small for very long.



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  1. dashsheen says:

    the twelve tribes of Israel lived at the land of Israel, there is the land of Ephraim the land of Manasseh the land on both sides of Jordan river and the sea of Galilee the land of Gad on the other side of the Jordan River and the land of Reuben also on the other side of the Jordan from where the Jewish state is; on the east side of Yarden River in the direction of the rising of the Sun. The Land allotted is mention within ha sefer shel Joshua ve it is accurate. The ten tribes went away between 700 and 800 BC by a King of Assyria. But Benjamin and Judah and Levi stayed. But at the eretz shel Yisrael there was a Samaritan woman that said “Are you greater than our Father Jacob” to Yeshua. So there must have been Samaritans that were of Israel. I know within the 2th book of Kings it had that that King of Assyria replaced those children of Israel those ten tribes with other people at that land of Israel. Ve ani know that the Kings of Yehudhah lived at the land of Yehudhah whom were the sons of Dawidh. the Kingdom of Yehudhah stopped between some say at 586 BC the fall shel Yerushalayim. they were ruled by two kings of Babylon and a king a Mede, so the medes by him then Cyrus a of king of Persia then Darius the second king of Persia than that King that married Esther then one other King of Persia than Alexander the king of the Greeks ruled after so then after his death. his four kingdom stood out of that nation at Egypt, Syria Asia Minor, Macedonia and Pergamos: those four areas. Rather the last one ended with the death of Cleopetra that Queen of Egypt between 100 and 1 BC. Rather within book of Danyel it is written “it will pucked up and given to others even besides those” so there will other rulers besides that those that ruled: there at those lands those kingdoms that is why it stopped. And the four beast mentioned within ha sefer ha Danyel: So those are the other kingdoms there. And it is mentioned within the book of Danyel “given to the saints of the Most High.” the greatness under the whole heaven will be given to the saints of the MOST HIGH GOD. so only the saints will live there A saint is one separated for the service of God and is divine: usually the prophets had the Spirit of God or the holy spirit. Daivd said the Spirit of the Lord spoke by me if that is part of the last words of David. “by his spirit” is mention by one the prophets

  2. the branch says:

    ani typed by mistake his four kingdom stood out of that nation. Rather it is four kingdoms will stand out of the nation that at Egypt, Syria with Asia Minor, Macedonia and Pergamos these four kingdoms stood out shel ha goy. The he-goat with a notable horn between its eyes that was mentioned within the book of Danyel that beat the ram with two horns one horn that was longer than the other horn the ram was was the medes and the persians and the two horns are the kings of the medes and the persians the reason why one horn was shorter than the other the shorter horn was the King of Mede descent Darius the king of Medes and the Persians (media) that beat the the second king of babylon the longer horn because there were more kings of the persians the four kings of the persians being Cyrus the Great then Darius then that king that married Esther and then an other king and the he-goat with the notable horn between it’s eyes: the he-goat is the nation Greece the notable horn is its first king being Alexander the Great and four horns that came up after that one was broken off are four kingdoms that will stand out of the nation those four kingdoms were at those places that I mentioned earlier I found about them within a sefer it had something like the name the “edermans” bible dictionary. I need my own laptop computer so I an type tell more matters But in shalom because there were people bothering ani islamic muslims and busybodies in other people matters types. read chapter 8 of isaiah about the land of judah “judah” the breadth of your land immanuel that eretz it is mine

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