Lapid: Bibi ‘Selling Out Israel’ to Haredim

April 29, 2015  

Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid sharply criticized the emerging coalition agreement between Likud and United Torah Judaism (UTJ).

The two parties agreed to cancel the law passed by the previous government, which places criminal sanctions on haredi men who refuse to enlist to the IDF or National Service. They also decided to cancel the cut that was made in child allotments – the monthly stipends paid by the National Insurance Institute to families, for every child they are raising.

“You cannot sell out the state just because you want to sign a coalition agreement,” Lapid told Army Radio.

He stressed that he has no complaint against UTJ, since it is simply carrying out the will of its voters. “My complaint is to Likud, which stopped the process in which haredim began to enter the workplace – all at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer.

“This is moral bankruptcy,” he added. “You look at Likud and you say, ‘you call yourself a Zionist party, the national camp, and then an expressly anti-Zionist party shows you who’s boss.”

The agreements between Likud, on one hand, and Kulanu and UTJ on the other, will probably be signed later Wednesday. Meanwhile, Shas continues to insist that VAT on basic products be canceled. 

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