Lapid Attacks Netanyahu for ‘Stubborn’ Congress Speech

March 2, 2015  

Yesh Atid introduced its complete party platform at a special event Monday, and its Chairman, Yair Lapid, once again made it a point to attack Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. 

The book outlining Yesh Atid’s platform is divided into 26 separate chapters, which comprehensively comprise all areas of life that concern Israeli citizens. 

In total, the book is 273 pages long and deals with such major issues as education, health, welfare, housing, policy, and security. 

Speaking at the event, Lapid lambasted Netanyahu’s “stubborn” decision to speak before the United States Congress. 

“At this moment the Prime Minister is in Washington, preparing a speech that will cause damage to the security interests of the state of Israel, and will only cause damage in the struggle to combat Iran’s nuclear program,” the former finance minister argued. 

“This speech, the timing of it, the way it was manufactured – like thieves in the night, behind the backs of the White House and the Democratic party – will make it impossible to place additional sanctions on Iran and will instead bring Iran that much closer to becoming a nuclear threshold state.”

According to Lapid, there is no precedent for a foreign head of state to come speak before Congress against the policies of the US president.

“It is a violation of every rule possible,” he stressed, “and there will be a price to pay. This speech will cause the White House to close a terrible agreement with the Iranians, without coordinating positions with us.”

Lapid, whose critiques of Netanyahu’s speech have become overwhelmingly repetitive, then finally addressed the party’s platform. 

“The real test is not words but actions,” he emphasized. “Our platform answers the question that every party must answer: what kind of country do we want to be here?” 

“All of our programs and all of our dreams for this country can be found in this book. At 273 pages, Yesh Atid’s platform tells the story of the country we want to live in. 26 detailed chapters combined together.”

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