Labour UK reinstates member despite anti-Semitic comments

May 28, 2016  

A leader of the left-wing ‘Momentum’ political action committee and member of the UK’s Labour party has been reinstated, following an investigation into what were described as anti-Semitic statements that had led to her suspension.

Jackie Walker, who was suspended earlier this month following controversial comments condemning Jews as enablers of the “African holocaust”, was placed on suspension from the party, which in recent months has seen dozens of members – including MPs, town councillors and even former London Mayor Ken Livingstone come under fire for allegedly anti-Semitic statements.

On Saturday a Labour UK spokesperson released a statement regarding Walker’s status within the party.

“Following the outcome of an investigation, Jacqueline Walker is no longer suspended and remains a member of the party.”

Walker had earlier claimed that Jews were the “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade” and had played a pivotal role in what she described as “the African holocaust.”

“[W]hat debt do we owe the Jews?” Walker wrote. “[H]aving been a victim does not give you a right to be a perpetrator”.

Livingstone, who himself was embroiled in a scandal over his claim that Hitler was a Zionist and his defense of embattled Labour MP Naz Shah – who had suggested that Israel be ethnically cleansed of Jews – lost his LBC radio show on Saturday.

The former London Mayor claimed that the end of his contract was unrelated to his recent comments. Livingstone had been on the air for eight years prior to the shows’ cancellation.

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