Knesset welcomes new haredi MK

January 25, 2016  

Yigal Geutta was sworn into the Knesset on Monday night as the newest member of the haredi Shas party, following Deputy Interior Minister Meshulam Nahari’s resignation under the Mini-Norwegian Law. 

The law stipulates that one minister or deputy minister per party may resign to make room for a new Knesset member – in this case, Guetta, a Bnei Brak city council member. 

According to reports, Shas’ Deputy Finance Minister Yitzhak Cohen and Religious Affairs Minister David Azoulay will also rotate resignations from the Knesset with Nahari. 

“As someone who came from and grew up in the periphery, I ask to bring with me the legacy of unity, giving and unconditional love to this building,” Guetta said in his first speech from the plenum. 

“I come to this building to continue my work on behalf of all sectors,” Guetta continued. “I have accepted upon myself to be a public servant. I am happy, I am privileged to serve the people of Israel and the transparent public who needs help more than anyone else.”

Interior Minister and Shas chairman Aryeh Deri welcomed the newest Knesset member from his faction. 

“Those who know Yigal know he is a role model,” Deri praised. “An active man who is very sensitive to details and works to the best of his abilities…to help each person who turns to him. I have no doubt the Knesset and certainly our faction will receive great help from him on important social issues.”

In its brief eight months, the 34th Knesset has already seen its fair share of rotating Knesset members following the resignations of numerous politicians from several different factions, including Likud, Jewish Home, Yisrael Beytenu and Yesh Atid. 

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