Knesset Ethics Committee: MKs not required to denounce terrorism

January 14, 2016  

The Knesset’s Ethics Committee has rejected a complaint filed against MK Basel Ghattas (Joint List) for refusing to denounce terror attacks.

In its decision, which was sent to the complainant Suzy Dim, the committee explained that the reason for rejecting her claim is that it must uphold Knesset members’ freedom of speech, even when the speech is “outrageous.”

Members of the committee further stated that when an MK refuses to denounce violent actions that he did not participate in, it is not considered an ethical violation.

The issue in question occurred about two months ago, when MK Ghattas was interviewed on a radio station about terror acts and claimed that an “occupied nation” has right to oppose occupation by any means.

“I think that an occupied people has the elemental right to oppose the occupation, using any means that it finds proper,” he told Southern Radio.

Ghattas added: “I, personally, wish that I could prevent every drop of blood. I am against all killing and all blood spilt, but the responsibility for all that happens is on the shoulders of Bibi Netanyahu, who continues to lead the region into war after war, to stupidity after stupidity.”

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