Knesset Activity Suspended, Govt. Set to Meet over Teens’ Murder

June 30, 2014  

In the wake of the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israel teens, business as usual at the Knesset is suspended for the time being. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein canceled all regular Knesset sessions through at least Tuesday morning, and all votes that were scheduled for Monday are to be postponed.

Edelstein had already suspended some Knesset activities at about 6:30 PM Monday. According to security officials, the bodies of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), and Gilad Sha’ar (16). were discovered around that time. News of the discovery was released at about 8:30 PM, at which time Edelstein entered the Knesset plenum and announced the suspension.

Commenting on the murders, Edelstein said that “Israel must go to war without compromise against the terrorists who did this, especially Hamas. It is time for the Arabs to understand that Hamas is leading them to destruction, so that they themselves renounce Hamas’ leadership.”

Among the bills that were set for a Knesset vote Monday night was a bill that would allow prison doctors for force-feed hunger-striking prisoners. The bill was approved for its second and third Knesset reading Sunday.

The security cabinet is set to gather for an emergency meeting at 9:30 PM Monday night. Observers expected the cabinet to authorize a series of harsh responses to the news of the boys’ bodies’ discoveries.

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