Hang Up The Phone

June 20, 2012  

In an ironic twist, you can now watch Lipa Schmeltzer’s new video ‘Hang Up the Phone’ on your phone. The elaborate video depicts the Jewish-American musician dressed like a robot in silver face paint singing with a squad of bearded, kippah-wearing robotic breakdancers. The message is typical of Schmeltzer’s attitude of holding fast to tradition but also using modern technology.
The lyrics to the song are partially English and partially in Yiddish. They decry a preoccupation with checking emails and sending text messages as opposed to old fashioned one-on-one communication.

A sample of the words are thus: “Davening and driving, even when you’re sleeping, why do you keep replying to all the rings and beeping.” 


The video was filmed in the real life electronics store ‘The Buzz,’ located in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When the lights are turned off and the doors locked, Lipa and his fellow payos-sporting robots take over the store and dance the hora. Schmeltzer has become well-known for his elaborate and humorous videos and album covers.
Raised in New Square, New York, Schmelzer released his first album in 1999. The song ‘Hang Up the Phone’ comes from his latest release, entitled ‘Leap of Faith’. The album’s lyrics are in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. The music is a mix of traditional style Chassidic pop and modern dance music, with a variety of styles that showcase singing and melody.

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