Kashmir Extremists See Israeli Tourists as ‘Spies’

July 9, 2012  

The Jammu-Kashmir area of India is one of the most popular, if not dangerous, spots for Israeli backpackers, but extremists have connected the dots to conclude they are spies.

In a local version of the goose trying to kill the golden egg, the leader of the extremist and separatist Hurriyat party, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, concluded that the influx of Israeli tourists and a recent government delegation to Tel Aviv are part of a devious plot to occupy the territory.

“He asked the state government to come clean” on why the mission was sent to Israel, according to the Southeast Asian News Agency.

Mirwaiz said there seems something “highly suspicious” behind the “clandestine” move of Jammu and Kashmir government to woo Israeli tourists to Kashmir.

“We are not against tourists coming to Kashmir, but there definitely is some ulterior motive behind encouraging Israelis to visit the Valley,” he said, throwing in a link between tourism and the Mossad. He also said Israeli is bringing Jews from all over the world not only to settle them in “Palestinian territory” but also to occupy Jammu-Kashmir tourist areas.

Clear logic dictates that there must be sinister reasons behind the “Zionist” government’s   welcoming a deliberation from a Muslim majority state.

The paranoia of extremist separatists is becoming contagious, and Israel is being blamed for anti-extremist actions by the local government.

The Economic Times of India Times reported that “even the moderates seem to be on the same page.”

Adding fuel to the fire is the government seizure of some properties that the extremists see as part of a Grand Israel takeover plan. One of the houses seized for “illegal activities” was that of separatist Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sopori in a Srinagar suburb.

“From considering Tel Aviv’s proposals on altering the demography of Kashmir to importing the software for fighting fugitive…, Israel has actually lived in Kashmir for a long time” in the view of some people in Kashmir, the local newspaper added.

Israelis continued to flock to Jammu-Kashmir, and even a terrorist kidnapping attack of Israelis in 1991 did not stop the backpackers.

The “blame Israel” mentality apparently explains why Israelis disregard the danger or touring in the area. They obviously are Mossad spies.

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