Just Like ISIS: Iraqi Shia Militiamen Burn Sunni Man Alive

May 31, 2015  

Iranian-backed Shia Islamist militiamen burned alive a Sunni man in Iraq, in a gruesome reenactment of sorts of ISIS’s own torching of a Jordanian pilot earlier this year.

Members of the Imam Ali Brigade – one of a number of Shia jihadist groups which make up the al-Hashd al-Shaabi, or People’s Mobilization militia – filmed the incident on a camera phone.

The original video, which is too graphic to show, shows several Shia fighters gloating at the camera, and accusing the man of being an ISIS supporter.

The footage shows the man – with his arms and legs bound together in front of him – suspended over a large open flame, apparently still alive.

The flames can be seen lapping at his bare back, in an agonizing form of torture.

Unlike the ISIS video, however, it does not actually show him burning to death, and it is unclear what his final fate was.

Al Arabiya news reported on the incident (original video, seen by Arutz Sheva, is too graphic to show):

The People’s Mobilization militia was formed with direct Iranian support and coordination after Iraq’s national army collapsed in the face of ISIS’s offensive in Iraq.

It is comprised almost entirely of Shia Muslims, who the Sunni jihadi ISIS has vowed to exterminate as heretics – and made good on that threat with countless terrorist attacks and sectarian executions.

But the militias themselves have also been accused of widespread human rights violations and war crimes against Iraq’s Sunni Muslim minority, including summary executions, mass killings, torture, expulsions and looting.

Last week, the US criticized the highly sectarian name of an operation led by the militia to retake the city of Ramadi, which ISIS seized from Iraqi security forces.

Although Baghdad has pledged to reign the Shia jihadists in, many Sunnis fear that offensive will be as much an act of revenge against them as an attempt to dislodge ISIS.

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