Just Don’t Do It: ISIS Bans Nike Over its ‘Sexy’ Name

April 27, 2015  

A curious new victim of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group’s dogmatic rule has surfaced, after members of the group decided to ban none other than the sports giant Nike.

Not only did ISIS ban wearing clothing and shoes from the iconic company, it also banned the word “Nike,” claiming it sounds like the Arabic word “neikh” meaning “sexual intercourse.”

That is despite the fact that Nike chairman Philip Knight clarified last year that the name is pronounced “Nikey,” making the claim even more tangential.

The Nike ban is part of a new campaign whereby ISIS has passed out leaflets in Syria’s Raqqa, warning “O youth, beware of foreign words and symbols of infidels on our clothes.”

Alongside Nike, which was also likely targeted because it is the name of the Greek goddess of victory and therefore fits ISIS’s wide definition of paganism, 20 other words were banned – including the name of the American pop singer Madonna.

It remains unclear whether Madonna was banned because her name also has religious connotations, or even perhaps because of her much reported fascination with Jewish “Kabbalah” mysticism.

As for Nike, the name of the product isn’t the only thing banned by ISIS – all of their clothing wear and gear is to be banned as well, and merchants selling the famous products face fines, jail time, and even public flogging.

The latest ISIS crackdown comes after the group reportedly banned skinny jeans in April, with several men being publicly flogged for donning the trendy fashion statement.

And ISIS aren’t the only ones; last October, Al Qaeda called to ban McDonalds and Wal Mart for being “symbols of crusader globalization.”

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