Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood Slams New Envoy to Israel

October 3, 2012  

Jordan’s main opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, sharply criticized on Tuesday the naming of a new ambassador to Israel, AFP reported.

The group reportedly said the move was not in the kingdom’s interests.

“In an act of provocation towards Jordanians, the government has named an ambassador to the Zionist entity within the framework of the peace treaty which has been rejected by the Jordanian people,” the Brotherhood said, according to AFP.

“It’s a decision that runs counter to the interests of Jordan,” added the movement.

Last week, Jordan announced that it had named career diplomat Walid Obeidat as ambassador to Israel, filling a position that had been vacant since mid-2010 when Ali al-Ayed left his post to become information minister.

The new appointment comes amid new threats to the monarchy faced by King Abdullah II by the country’s sole legitimate opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has called on the king to transform his government to a constitutional monarchy, rendering him essentially powerless.

Jordan has weathered Arab Spring street protests calling for a wider public say in politics, partially by curtailing the absolute powers of the king. The protests have been small and mild compared to mass uprisings elsewhere in the region.

King Abdullah recently urged his country’s Islamist opposition to take part in upcoming elections, despite their dissatisfaction with reforms.

He made the appeal in a rare interview on Jordan TV in July, as part of his attempt to engage with the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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