Jonathan Pollard’s ex-wife suing Israeli government

November 21, 2015  

Jonathan Pollard’s ex-wife Anne Pollard intends to sue the Israeli government and a number of senior Israeli officials, Channel 10 reports. According to her lawyers, the defendants “caused her injustice and slandered her.”

Anne Pollard is demanding that the government recognize her as a former worker for the Israeli security services, and for damaged accrued over the years. She was convicted along with her then-husband and sentenced to five years in prison, then was released on parole for another year.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Anne expressed her continued disappointment in the Jewish state: “No one in the Israeli government lifted a finger to help me leave one day early from my sentence.” She also said that she was “very, very ill in prison,” but was not given any clemency for her health issues.

Jonathan filed for divorce after she left jail, claiming that he expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. Once her parole ended, Anne made aliyah.

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