Jews Under Siege in Rachel’s Tomb

May 15, 2012  

Dozens of Arabs went on the rampage outside Rachel’s Tomb Tuesday, effectively besieging Jews inside the compound, who were told by security forces not to venture out.

The compound was closed off to visitors several times during the day, due to massive rock throwing attacks.

Miriam Adani, Chair of the Rachel’s Tomb Heritage Fund, told Arutz Sheva that the events show that despite turning the tomb into a “bunker,” the Jews who come there to pray still have no security.

“The Jews who came to pray are besieged within the compound because of rock throwing,” she said. “In the morning, the rocks were thrown from the side of the cemetery, where there is no wall. Now the rocks are coming from the side of the wall. Despite its great height – over 10 meters, the Arabs are able to hurl rocks into the compound.”

“Thank G-d, there are no casualties or damage because of the rock throwing,” she said. “There don’t have to be casualties for the prime minister and defense minister to understand that the Jews have to be protected.”

She added that while Tuesdat’s attack appears to be connected to Nakba Day, similar attacks take place every week.

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