Jewish Teen’s One-Man Protest Blocks Temple Mount Entrance

May 27, 2015  

Routine discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount is certainly nothing new.

Despite its status as the holiest site in Judaism, due to Muslim pressure and threats Israeli police maintain a blanket ban on any forms of non-Muslim worship. In practice, the measures target visibly-Jewish visitors, who are only allowed to visit during certain hours of the day and whose groups are severely restricted in size and closely monitored for anyone daring to pray – an arrestable offense.

This, despite numerous Israeli court rulings, most recently in March of this year, reaffirming the right of Jews and other non-Muslims to freedom of worship on the Temple Mount.

In addition, Jewish groups are often subjected to humiliating and prolonged searches for “prohibited items” including prayer books or other religious items, and regularly forced to stand for hours before being cleared for entry, while non-Jewish tourists breeze through security.

It was during one such two-hour-long wait on Monday that a Jewish Israeli teenager was filmed staging a one-man protest, briefly blocking off the entire entrance to the Mount to all visitors in protest of anti-Jewish discrimination.

During the ensuing scuffle with police – recorded by another Jewish visitor – the teen was joined by another, younger Jewish boy, and the pair can be heard protesting police “racism” and “apartheid” against Jews on Judaism’s holiest site before being detained.

As he is arrested, the first youth wondered out loud to the crowd of Jewish and non-Jewish tourists how King David would feel that “when they built a Jewish state… Jews would not be allowed to enter the Temple Mount.”

“It is not logical that Jews can’t go up the Temple Mount, it’s a disgrace… it can’t pass in silence! …All I want is to go up to the Temple Mount…!” he shouted as he was led away.

In addition to political pressure, Muslim extremists have also sought to prevent Jews from visiting their holiest site by paying provocateurs to engage in a campaign of harassment against Jewish visitors.

Islamists have also been accused of waging a “brutal” campaign against priceless, ancient artifacts in an attempt to erase all traces of the Temple Mount’s Jewish past.

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