Jewish Self-Defense Squads to Defend Parisian Jews

January 12, 2015  

As the French Jewish community copes with tragedy following the brutal Islamist terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket Friday that left four Jews dead, members of the Betar Zionist movement in Paris are on high alert, patrolling the community to defend it from further attacks.

The French Betar movement is based near the Porte-Vincennes area, where the tragic hostage crisis occurred last Friday. The head of the movement’s “militia,” who goes by the name Yair, told Vocativ that the group is preparing to defend local Jews in the area.

“I am in my car en route to Vincennes, but everything is on lockdown,” Yair said. “The French Betar has four cars around Vincennes, one team in front of the Jewish school Georges Leven, one team in front of a Jewish school in the 7th arrondissement and another in front of a Jewish school in Boulogne.”

Betar issued alerts last Friday via its official Twitter account, calling for general alert and group travel for safety in posts written in all caps. It called for increased patrols to defend the Jewish community.

The Zionist Betar movement in Paris trains in Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art used by the IDF, as Vocativ documented in a recent video:

The attack Friday came on the day in which police caught up to the two jihadist terrorists responsible for the bloody attack on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris that Wednesday, which left 12 dead. The two were killed as police raided the building they were holed up in.

Due to the increasing Islamist terror and anti-Semitism, many estimate that French aliyah (immigration) to Israel will skyrocket in the coming year.

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