Jewish Home calls out Bennett on Hevron eviction

January 22, 2016  

As security forces on Friday morning began evicting two buildings in Hevron, where 200 Jews took residency the day before after buying the structures in full from an Arab seller, Jewish Home members in Samaria demanded that their party take some action.

“The Jewish Home Forum in Samaria condemns the atrocious eviction of the homes that were acquired in Hevron,” the party members said in a statement.

“Is a right-wing government currently in charge, or (is it) the left in disguise?,” posed the frustrated activists.

They went on to call on Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett “to inform the Prime Minister of faction abstentions in every vote from now on until a permit (is given) to return the Jewish residents to their homes.”

“It cannot be that one Defense Minister dictates the policy of B’Tselem to a government that is supposed to represent the nationalist public in the state of Israel,” they concluded, referencing a radical leftist group whose activists were recently exposed to be working to have Arabs executed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) for selling land to Jews.

Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich, along with Likud MKs Oren Hazan and Ayoub Kara on Friday morning warned the Prime Minister that if the two buildings are evacuated, they will not view themselves as obligated to coalition discipline any longer, and will work to bring down the government.

Netanyahu’s coalition stands at 61 MKs, the smallest majority possible, meaning that if even one MK were to leave the government they would bring it down.

However, it remains to be seen if the three MKs will follow through on their threat, or if Bennett will respond to the request and take action.

This is not the first time the Jewish Home Forum in Judea and Samaria has expressed displeasure with their party; back in November 2014 members met to called on the party to follow through on its stated pledges to Jewish construction in the region and stop the ongoing building freeze. Despite a trickle of permits, Jewish building in the region remains nearly completely frozen.

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