Jerusalem is Israel’s Eternal Capital

April 14, 2012  

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is Israel’s largest city and a dynamic and multicultural metropolis, which has served as the Jewish people’s spiritual and religious capital for 3,000 years. Jews, Christians and Muslims are able to pray and live in the city.

Jerusalem has been the center of the Jewish world for 3,000 years.
King David established the city as the capital of ancient Israel, and his son Solomon built the First Jewish Temple on what became known as the Temple Mount. There are more than 850 references to Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible and innumerable references to the city throughout more than 2,000 years of postbiblical literature.

Israel reunified Jerusalem in 1967, granted all religions access to holy sites.
Between 1948 to 1967, Jordan denied any access to Israeli Jews to the Old City or the Western Wall. After the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel immediately abolished the restrictions on access to the city, allowing people from all faiths to worship at their holy places.

Congress: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.
Congress has regularly recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in various resolutions and law.

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