It’s Time For Arab Apartheid Week

March 12, 2012  

Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv, on Sunday evening, protesting the bloodshed in Syria and calling upon the Russian government to cease their support of the oppressive regime. 

The protest was organized by the Zionist movement of Im Tirtzu, in conjunction with Ayoub Kara, Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee, and the Zionist Kibbutz movement.  

The event was organized as part of a recent initiatve that aims at exposing the heinous human rights violations of Arab countries in the Middle East.  

Speakers included Minister Kara, Ronen Shoval, the Chariman of Im Tirzu, Yoel Marshak of the Kibbutz Movement, Rabbi Fruman, Sheikh Abu Eleanor Sakhin and the Chairman of the Druze Zionist Council.

During the demonstration, Syrian opposition leader spoke to the crowd, via live Internet connection.

He thanked the Israeli public for their continued support of the Syrian people’s quest for freedom and democracy, and against the brutal and ruthless Assad dictatorship.  He stressed that Israel and the Syrian people must unite against their common enemies of Assad, Hizbullah, Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas.

As of today, March 12, the Syrian death toll stands at 1,376, including 744 children, 627 women, and thousands of wounded, missing and refugees. 

Deputy Minister Kara stated, “We came to raise our voices for the sake of humanity and to convey to the world that here, people put humanity before religion, before faith and before nationalism.”

“We came to call on Russia to join the free world and to stop their support of the slaughter in Damascus,” he said. “We have asked Russian to establish efforts to provide the Syrian people with humanitarian aid but, to my deep regret, they refuse to do so.”

Rabbi Froman said, “I came on behalf of the people of faith and on behalf of believers of all religions. I came here to protest against the inhumane acts happening in Syria. There is blood being spilled in the streets, which humanity simply cannot tolerate.”

Yoel Marshak of the Zionist kibbutz movement then noted that Jews, specifically, cannot remain silent, as we know, all too well, the threats of slaughter and brutal massacre. He then affirmed that efforts are being made to send humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

At the end of the demonstration balloons, calling for end of the Assad regime, were released into the sky, as an expression of solidarity with the Syrian people. 

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