Italian Man Arrested for Planning Attack on Milan Synagogue

March 16, 2012  

Italian police arrested on Thursday a 20-year old man of Moroccan descent on suspicion of planning a series of terror attacks, including one in a synagogue in Milan.

A statement by the police said that a search of the suspect’s computer found maps of the area around the main synagogue in Milan.

The suspect was arrested after police were able to apprehend a woman from Britain who had been in contact with him, according to reports in the Italian media. Among other things, the police exposed a correspondence between the two on Facebook about assembling explosives.

According to the reports, Italian police tracked the man and arrested him in the city of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia.

The suspect has reportedly lived in Brescia, east of Milan, since the age of six, but was raised on the principles of the Islamic concept of Jihad, and kept in touch with global Jihad activists via the internet.

The arrest came one day after Azerbaijan said it arrested 22 citizens suspected of plotting on behalf of Iran to attack the American and Israel embassies in Baku.

Officials said that the men were working with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The arrests in Azerbaijan occurred nearly a month after the arrest of a terrorist cell whose members belonged to Hizbullah and who held Iranian passports. Police said the terrorists had been gathering intelligence and acquiring weapons.

In January, Azerbaijan officials said they uncovered an Iranian-linked Muslim gang that plotted to assassinate Chabad rabbis who teach at the Chabad Jewish school in Baku.

It was later reported that the terrorists who were arrested were planning an attack against the Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Michael Lotem.

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