Istanbul terror victims en route to Israel

March 20, 2016  

The bodies of the three Israelis murdered in Satuday’s suicide bombing in Istanbul are on their way to Israel, carried aboard an Israeli Air Force transport plane.

Of the 11 Israelis wounded in the attack, five returned to Israel early Sunday morning, with another five now en route to Israel.

The three Israelis killed in the attack include Simcha Damari, Yonathan Suher, and Avraham Goldman.

Damari, a 60-year-old retired preschool teacher from Dimona and mother of four was among those killed on Saturday, while her husband, Avi, was wounded in the blast.

Suher, a married father of two from Tel Aviv, was celebrating his 40th birthday with his wife during their trip to Turkey. His wife, Inbal, was injured.

Goldman, a 69-year-old tour guide from Herzliya, leaves behind his wife, Nitza, three children, and eight grandchildren.

The first five Israelis to return from Turkey on Sunday morning had been lightly wounded and were transported immediately upon the arrival of two MDA air ambulances from Israel.

The remaining six wounded were in more serious condition, requiring more elaborate measures to safely transport them. MDA officials reported that several of them suffered from severe injuries to their lower bodies, including smashed leg bones.

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