Israel’s Population Growing Close To 10,000,000

January 6, 2022  

During 2021, Israel’s population increased by 1.7%, 83% of which was due to natural growth and 17% due to migration.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics estimates Israel’s population at 9,449,000 as of December 31, 2021.

Of that number, 6,982,000 are Jewish (73.9% of the total population), 1,995,000 are Arab (21.1%) and 472,000 identify as “other” (5%).

During 2021, approximately 184,000 infants were born, 73.8% to Jewish mothers and 23.4% to Arab mothers. The most popular names for new babies (as of 2020) are David and Tamar for Jewish boys and girls, and Mohammed and Maryam for Arab boys and girls.

Approximately 51,000 Israeli residents died in 2021, more than in 2020 (48,788).

Overall, approximately 160,000 people were added to the Israeli population, an increase of 1.7%. Most of the increase (83%) was due to natural growth and the rest (17%) to the international migration balance.

Some 25,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel during 2021 – 30% from Russia and 14.6% from France — as well as approximately 9,000 other migrants including returning citizens. That number increased from 2020, when 20,000 immigrants arrived. The CBS also estimated that 7,500 Israelis are residing abroad for more than a year.


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