Israelis Ambushed at Karnei Shomron

September 21, 2011  

According to initial reports a car filled with Israelis was ambushed near Karnei Shomron on Wednesday afternoon.

The Shomron Regional Council reported shots were fired at the car, which sustained damage in the attack, but no injuries were reported.

The IDF has sealed off the road and deployed a large number of troops to search the area for the attacker.

The ambush comes as Arab demonstrations in conjunction with the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, where Palestinian Authority officials are pushing for statehood, will only intensify.

There have been reports of firebombs and stones being thrown at security forces in Judea and Samaria throughout the day.

IDF forces have been deployed at points where increased tensions are expected, and reinforcements have been deployed to contain the rioters.

Interoperability of soldiers with police has, according to the IDF spokesperson’s office, resulted in a large number of arrests during the riots.

Irrespective of the outcome of the Palestinian Authority statehood bid at the United Nations, security officials say they are bracing for more violence in the days to come.

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