Israeli Tourists Shun Egypt

October 11, 2011  

Egypt, like Turkey, has shot itself in the foot, losing millions of dollars in tourism because of rabid anti-Israeli sentiment.

In addition, the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a severe warning against travel to the Sinai Peninsula as the Sukkot holiday approaches. The council called on all Israelis there now to leave at once and return to Israel.

The Central Bureau of Statistics reported this week that only 1,864 Israelis flew to Cairo last month, 55 percent les than in same period last year. The statistics were based on passenger traffic activity at Ben Gurion Airport.

Only 9,000 Israelis entered Sinai through the Taba crossing at Eilat last month, down from 11,000 in August.  

Israelis also shunned Turkey since earlier this year following Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s anti-Israeli rants and Turkish television propaganda against Jews and Israel.

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