Israeli Supermodel Bar Refaeli Does Sex Tape Parody

October 2, 2012  

This is a spoof from ‘Funny or Die’. Bar Refaeli announces her new Kickstarter campaign to watch and possibly even be in her sex tape, that is if she can get enough backers who might be interested in that sort of thing.

Bar Refaeli Pictures and Information here

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  1. Peace Man says:

    Would probably be the biggest selling video ever

  2. paul berry says:

    I have always had such respect for her Beauty and character, I do not know who talked her into this but it was not appropriate! Yes we are suppoed to want this Beautiful Daughter of Adam, but to hear her such, she having been up to this point Israels greatest ambassador of this decade! For evidence our Lord Jesus Christ has great love for her and her yes, capabilities go to the sites now mentioned…

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    Also on the Prophecy and the Signs page are the prewritten news events of this day prewritten three years ago and some more, { as evidence the Minister of the site is a Righteous man who has been given the keys/code Rev:10:7/1:17-18 giving him the ability to figure and deduce when events will accure } these signs are now falling each week, such as the Japan quake and tidal wave, and the DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quake our Lord Jesus the Great scientist/physician brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue { with as we speak more quakes are coming to DC/V.Beach } also the record disturbances on the Suns surface all prophecy before their taking place so all of Science and Theology will know the Minister of the site is sent John 13:20 and a Righteous man! Many other signs listed there have come and are coming for this sounding to Science of God’s Mystery being now finished by Science Revelation 10:7 for other proofs contact the minister for questions or more answers!

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    1. Perry says:

      She is just joking. This is a spoof. She has never done any nudity.

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