Israeli Reporter Shows Faces of 22 Murdered Israelis

November 25, 2015  

As daily Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis continue – and while many international media outlets choose to downplay Israeli suffering – Israel Hayom journalist Lital Shemesh felt she needed to do something to raise awareness of the 22 Israelis murdered so far in shootings, stabbings and car-ramming attacks.

The short but powerful video she produced in response quickly went viral when she posted it on her Facebook page, garnering nearly 8,000 shares in just one day.

“As an Israeli who lives in the the shadow of the recent wave of terror I decided that this can’t go on,” she told Arutz Sheva. “People are being slaughtered here in the streets and we don’t hear the world media condemn the acts or support Israel.

“I understood that the time had come to show the world how I feel in a short film, without any narration, which shows the pictures of those who were murdered over the past two months.”

Towards the end of the film a visibly emotional Shemesh can be seen fighting back tears – a reaction she said was entirely spontaneous, as her sense of grief overcame her.

“I put the song in the background to set a sad mood and it just broke my heart. To hold one photo after another and to think that behind every photo there was an entire life cut short and a family – it’s heartbreaking.”

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