Israeli Killed Resisting Robbery in Brazil

May 31, 2015  

An Israeli businessman in Brazil was killed last week as he tried to resist a pair of robbers.

Police in the northern Brazilian city of Belém said that the Israeli man was killed Thursday morning when he refused to hand over his wallet and jewelry to armed criminals.

The incident occurred about 8:30 in the morning, as the 62 year old man was returning home from a fitness center. Footage from a security camera shows two individuals coming up to the man and demanding money from him. The victim is seen resisting, which was sufficient to scare off the robbers, who began running away. But as they escaped, one of the robbers turned and shot the victim, hitting him in the head and killing him on the spot.

The police report quoted a paramedic who tried to revive the victim as saying that the problem was very common in Belém, and that it was dangerous for non-criminals to be in the street at all. “We have come to a point where you don’t know if you are coming home,” the report quoted a witness as saying.

The Israeli Embassy in Brazil and the Israelis Abroad unit of the Foreign Ministry have been informed of the incident by the Brazilian government, and they have been in touch with the victim’s family in Israel. The victim was living in Brazil for about a decade, officials said.

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