Israeli influences going global (whether you like it or not)

January 14, 2016  

It’s no secret in the 21st century that when large audiences and businesses take to an idea or a concept, more often than not something strange happens – the concept drives the success of new ideas that in themselves are based on the original plan. Although this sounds confusing, the Israeli economy and creative industries are a microcosm for this phenomenon.

Countless ideas, product concepts and prototypes have been thought up and their first generation built in Israel. From Intel technology to anti-virus software and even much of the technology that powers car insurance comparison platforms, innovative technology is very often born in Israel and raised abroad.

There will always be those from movements like the BDS, who will try and turn the world’s economies and markets away from everything Israeli. Often this is ironically attempted using Israeli technology in the first place; using the likes of Facebook, Apple products smartphones. However, while movements like the BDS unsuccessfully attempt to stifle the spread of overtly Israeli goods and services such as fruits and vegetables and university lecturer appearances, Israeli technology and inspiration is growing hugely.

There are few industries around the world that haven’t benefited in some way from Israeli input. Walk into most fashion districts around the world and you will find swathes of works from independent fashion designers from Israel. Go to business networking events in London or New York and there will be dozens of Israeli companies telling you about the benefits to your business when you choose them over others. In short, there is nowhere in the world and no industry that remains untouched by Israel.

At the recent Ad Tech conference in London for example, there were more than a few Israeli businesses, networking and promoting amongst some of the biggest names in technology and marketing such as Yahoo! and SEM Rush. What makes this even more amazing is that not a single Israeli company at the event looked even remotely out of place or out of their comfort zone.

Amit Bivas of customer retention platform, talked about one of the many reasons businesses from around the world are happy to do business with Israel; putting politics and the unsuccessful BDS aside: “…it’s natural for Israelis to do business with [other] English-speaking countries. Our time zones are close to each other.”

The fact that Israel, still not yet 70 years old has developed to the point that worldwide businesses are happy to do business based on little more than language is testament to the successes that consistently emanate from the brilliant technology and business minds found in Tel Aviv and beyond.

Also at Ad Tech was AdClarity; another Israeli company that helps large and small businesses with their industry insights and digital marketing data. Gal Perelman, of AdClarity, told us: “We joined Ad Tech this year since we knew that our ground-breaking Ad Intelligence product would help companies in the UK expose their competitors’ advertising plans and show them exactly what works for them, so they can gain that advertising competitive advantage.”

Evidently, more and more businesses, brands and companies are turning to the innovations and inventions that have started in Israel. This is not to say that those ideas’ original concepts won’t be further developed and improved abroad, in the way items like jewellery are developed by major retailers.

Fashion jewellery items from Israel and their original designs for example, are often commandeered by major retailers and fashion agencies who then market the product and its original concept themselves for their own products.

What should also not be overlooked is the influx to Israel on a regular basis of some of the finest business, medical and technological minds. Increasing numbers of people are resettling in Israel; coming from the UK, USA, France, South Africa and beyond. The majority of these new residents bring with them knowledge, industry insights and expertise in particular areas.

In conclusion then, the BDS and movements like them will always be there, nipping at the heels of Israel, trying to turn people away from Israeli dates and bell peppers. However, the beneficial reach of Israel, its people, products and services goes way beyond salads and supermarkets. You simply can’t ignore the impressive influence of the tiny strip of land called Israel.

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