Israeli Hacker Groups Raise Cyberwar Stakes

January 19, 2012  

Several days after a hack attack by Saudi and other Arab hackers against the web sites of El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel’s “IDF-Team” hacker group struck back against web sites of large banks in the United Arab Emirates, and in Gaza. On Tuesday, the same group hit the sites of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, and Tadawul, the Saudi stock exchange site.

The group threatened to take down even more sites in Arab countries, as the cyberwar between Israel and its Arab enemies heated up. “We will decide on our next actions based on the actions of the terrorists, who seek to interfere with normal life in Israel,” the group said in a statement. “If there is no change in their policies in the near future we will also take down banking, stock, and government sites in the UAE,” it added.

On Wednesday, a pro-Israel hacker named “Hannibal” said he would post over the weekend the details of 100,000 e-mail and Facebook accounts belonging to Arabs from Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Earlier Thursday, another hacker group, called Nuclear Group, published the details of 4,800 credit cards allegedly belonging to Saudi residents. “Nuclear Group is now helping Hannibal and more pro-israeli hackers in the world, to fight against the Arabs,” the group said in a posting on a popular hacker message site.

“So what we did is just that we hacked into one of the biggest banks in Saudi Arabia, and we are proud to publish 4,800 Arabs’ credit cards today.” Referring to the Saudi hacker who published the details of Israeli credit card holders last week, the Nuclear Group’s message said “0xOmar, And more Arabian Hackers, War is not over.”

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