Israeli Female Combat Soldiers Complete Their Training

November 20, 2014  

In Israel, both men and women perform mandatory military service; three years for men and two for women. But some women willingly choose to become combat soldiers and serve side by side with men for three years, protecting and serving the country. Some of these woman, soldiers from the Home Front Command’s Combat Search and Rescue Brigade, recently completed their intense eight-month training and received their orange berets.

As of 2013, women make up 4.3% of all combat soldiers in the IDF, and each year the number increases. The Combat Search and Rescue Brigade is one combat unit in which women serve alongside men. The following photos are from the soldiers’ recent beret march.

homefront  girls 1
Female soldiers take a “selfie” on their phone before the march begins.
homefront  girls 2
Soldiers march as the sun begins to slowly rise.
homefront  girls 3
A lone soldier (a soldier without parents in Israel) from Australia marches, proudly carrying the Israeli flag.
homefront  girls 4
A soldier holding an Israeli flag runs back and forth between companies relaying messages.
homefront  girls 5
A commander leads soldiers carrying a stretcher near the end of the march.
homefront  girls 6
Soldiers push each other along while others carry the stretcher.
homefront  girls 7
A company commander leads her officers and soldiers at the break of dawn.
homefront  girls 8
A soldier, serving as a company commander’s radio operator, smiles during her beret march. She later discovers that she is the “mitstayenet”, her company’s most exceptional soldier.
homefront  girls 9
A commander instructs her soldiers before the ceremony begins.
homefront  girls 10
Soldiers stand at attention after receiving their orange beret.
homefront  girls 11
A commander gives one of his soldiers an orange beret at the ceremony.
homefront  girls 12
Soldiers pose together after receiving their berets.
Soldiers throw their berets into the air upon completing their eight month-long training.
Soldiers throw their berets into the air upon completing their eight month-long training.

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