Israeli Company Unveils New Medical Smartphone

July 4, 2012  

Israeli company LifeWatch Technologies unveiled on Tuesday the LifeWatch V, a first of its kind medical smartphone that renders it possible to independently measure seven medical indexes: ECG, heart rate, body temperature, blood sugar levels, body fat percentages, blood oxygen saturation and an index for measuring stress.

The revolutionary development transforms the user’s personal cellular handset into a sophisticated “life preserving apparatus”.

LifeWatch V is equipped with a rich package of tools which supports the ability to independently manage various aspects of personal health and welfare, including: Nutrition management based to the users profile and preferences, a medication reminder and physical activity log.

The LifeWatch V series of products allows end-users and healthcare providers, to track and monitor health-related indexes, thereby rendering it possible to accurately diagnose significant medical problems, at an early stage, in an accessible and cost-effective way.

Yair Tal, General Manager and Vice President of RD at LifeWatch, told Arutz Sheva that the new smartphone “is a pure medical device. We’ve been developing medical devices for 20 years and this is our bread and butter.”

He noted that the LifeWatch V “is absolutely accurate and equivalent to any other diagnostic device in the field. The data is automatically saved in a server which is used in a call center. The server allows the user to access the data anytime, and any health care provider who gets authorization from the user can access the data as well.”

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