Israeli Camera Sees Through Walls At 300 Feet

February 18, 2022  

A groundbreaking camera developed in Israel can see through walls, even from a distance of over 300 feet.

“It can be used remotely from one apartment to another, inside a shelter, or an autonomous car,” said Amir Beeri, managing director and founder of Camero, of the Xaver Long-Range system (XLR80).

“So it can position itself up to 100 [yards] from its target, and see inside the room or house, if there are people inside, how many, whether they are on the move, and decide how to operate,” he said.

In case of a terrorist attack or kidnapping in an urban environment, security forces, in theory, will no longer need to perform certain dangerous tasks, such as house-to-house searches, to gather information. They will be able to concentrate their efforts on the whole building at once.

“It’s like a long-range sight. It’s an observation system but it sees through walls. So we aim the sight precisely at the target,” Beeri added. “It is calibrated with an antenna, so we know exactly what is happening in this room through the concrete walls.”

This detector understands how far from the wall people are standing, their position, and therefore the way in which the security forces can operate.

“It’s a tactical tool that gives an exceptional operational advantage to military forces, police, and rescuers. We can know what is happening on the other side of the wall,” Beeri said.

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