Israeli Air Force Woman Vet Helps Protect Statue of Liberty

March 19, 2012  

A new scanning system to stop terrorists at the Statue of Liberty was developed by Israeli Air Force veteran Dr. Alysia (Lisa) Dolev.

She founded the Qylar company in the United States in 2005 and developed the Qyaltron system, which has been installed at the Statue of Liberty to identify chemicals, radioactive material and explosives that terrorists might try to use to attack the thousands of visitors who visit the tourist site every day.

The system can examine several luggage items simultaneously, according to Israel Defense, preventing long lines at security checks.

Items to be scanned are placed in one of five cells, which are locked and sealed if something suspicious is detected. The cell can de detonated without forcing a mass evacuation,

The same system is being considered for use in the World Cup games.

“From the beginning, we have been determined to develop and integrate the most advanced fused technologies available, combined with a vast body of practical experience and knowhow, into full-scale solutions that provide the highest standards of security, with maximum reliability and effectiveness,” Dr. Dolev states on her company’s website.

She said the system allows “uncompromising adherence to protecting the rights of individuals to basic civil liberties, privacy, and dignity, as well as the right to enjoy their daily lives, even when encountering the security screening procedures that have become a necessity to guarantee their personal safety in today’s world.”

Dr. Dolev, whose doctorate is in bio-medical engineering, previously established and managed the first human-focused suicide bomber detection program.  

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