Israeli Actress Stars with Brad Pitt in World War Z



Daniella Kertesz stars in “World War Z,” opposite Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos, as Segen. The role marks Kertesz’s feature film debut. She will next be seen in he horror thriller “AfterDeath.”

Daniella Kertesz was born in March 1988 in Jerusalem, where she was raised. She studied at the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy. She moved to Tel Aviv at age 14 and went on to study at the Ironi Alef School of Arts. At the same time, she appeared in her first TV series,” Adumot.”

After graduating high school, Kertesz won lead parts in several television productions, including “Screens,” “The Naked Truth,” “Custody” and “Loving Anna.” After a year and half trip to India and Nepal, she resumed her studies in Paris at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School, which she completed in a year. She then attended the Berty Tovias International Theatre School in Barcelona.


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  1. maccabette Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing this!

  2. DWaters0204 Avatar

    Wow she is such a bad ass and beautiful! Love her!

  3. davidesco8 Avatar

    Haven’t seen World War Z but will go see it soon. Daniella Kertesz is really the reason why I want to watch it now. lol

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